Intelligent Agriculture

Sweet Soil is the solution for perfectly healthy agriculture.  Globally soil health is at an all time low. With depleted soils plants will be depleted of nutrients and generally unhealthy. We can only receive what the plant offers and the plant what the soil offers. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Do combine with an Olla for simplicity and perfect moisture level. 

Do plant a cover crop to retain more moisture,  prevent erosion and receive free nitrogen from the atmosphere. 

Do use Aloe, silica, sprouted seed teas and compost teas work great with Sweet Soil. (Optional)

Do use mulch (alfalfa, comfrey, Thistle exc) to retain moisture prevent erosion and allow to feed microbes and other life. 

Do add red wrigglers. 

Ammend as necessary. 

Do use essential oils for ipm. 

Try to never spray flowers. 

Beds and large containers or smart pots are much easier to manage. 

If using chlorinated water allow to stand for at least 24 hours. 

Never use any chemicals foods or chelated nutrients on sweet soil. 

No chemical spray or pesticides