Regenerative Live Soil

Welcome to the world of live soil. Sweet Soil is designed for all life to thrive. Using all certified organic ingredients Sweet Soil is formulated to provide a plethora of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and growth hormones from the cleanest sources possible. It’s inoculated with effective and indigenous micro organisms and fungi. Sweet Soil is made to be continually used and amended for no till grows. Give your favourite plants a home they will love and you will taste the difference in the finished product. 

Mycelia Matters


In organics agriculture 90% of phosphorus is made available by fungi and it’s mycelia network. The other 10% is from breaking down organic matter.  Sweet Soil is made with mycelia in mind to allow explosive root development and great yields. Time after time. 

Sweet Soil and Ollas-Jamet


Introducing the easiest way to grow perfect plants. Ollas-Jamet is a ceramic irrigation system. It’s designed to enable us to water our favourite cultivars perfectly. With Ollas it’s only necessary to irrigatate around every ten days. The combination of Sweet Soil and Ollas-Jamet will empower you to have perfect harvests with low maintenance and simplicity.

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